Q. What is my dedicated customer shop link? 

A. Your customer shop link is your personalised website link with /shop at the end.

Q.Where do I find my personalised website link?

A. Login to your account, you will be taken directly to your back office. You will see a line that says:

Hello XXXXX,
Your Independent Distributor ID is XXXXX and your personalised website is http://?????.vivamknetwork.biz

This is your personalised website for both recruitment and your customer shop. To send it to a customer as a shop link you just take your personalised website and add /shop at the end. For example, if your personalised website was:


then your shop link would be:


Please note, in order to view your shop link as a customer does, you must be logged out of your distributor account. If you are logged in, it will take you to your distributor shop and show distributor prices.

Q. Can I change my personalised website link? 

A. Each and every distributor has a unique personalised website that is created at the time of joining. The personalised website is fixed although you can choose your own wording for the first part of the link. For example, using this personalised website as a demonstration, it is only the wording in bold that can be changed:


To change this, once logged into your account, you select My Website, Site Name. You then enter the wording you would like to use, yet this must be text only with no numbers or spacing. Once you are happy with the wording you have chosen, select Save.

Please note, as everyone needs a personalised website, if you attempt to have the same wording as another distributor, the system will display the error message ''Site Name Unavailable'' You will only be able to have the site name if it is not currently in use by another active distributor.

Q. How do I know if a customer has placed an order on my shop and if so their order details? 

A. Go to 'My Back Office' and scroll down to Key Performance Indicators. In the third column, you will see Total Customers and then a number. This number will inform you of how many individual customers have shopped on your link.

Click on the number and this will take you to your customer information page. This page will give you an overall summary of the customer Name, date they enrolled as your customer and date of their last order.

To view the customer's order, select orders next to the customer name you want to view.

This will display all the orders placed by that customer, the ordering dates and times along with the order value (inclusive of the handling charge)

To view the products on the order, click the customer order number and this will bring up the customers order receipt, this looks identical to your distributor receipt and will show you all items ordered, delivery address etc.

Q. Do I have to use the personalised shop link? 

A. Absolutely not, you are self-employed. This is just an extra tool for you to use in these unprecedented times. it is entirely up to you. If you prefer to continue to operate your own online sales then we are happy for you to continue to do that. It's your business and you can operate it the way you want to.

Q.What are the delivery timescales and postage costs to customers?

A. These are the same as you have now. Not only do we value you, but we value our customers too. Therefore we give the cheapest shipping costs we possibly can at the fastest service possible:

All orders are despatched the next working day for everything processed up until midnight.

All Orders of 3 items or less cost £3.95 and are delivered through Yodel.

All Orders of 4 items or more costs £5.95 and are delivered through DPD.

Every customer will receive their order tracking links, just like you do as a distributor.

Q.Does my customer have to register to place an order?

A. Yes, all customers will be required to register upon the placement of their first-ever order. This is a simple form capturing the basic details needed to send an order. Once they have placed their first order, they will be linked to the distributor shop that they clicked on. Therefore when placing future orders, they just need to login and regardless of what site they have visited to get to the shop, that customer will remain as your customer and all their orders will be linked to you.

Q. What commission will I get and how will it work?

A. Your front-end commission will stay at 25%, this will be paid at the end of each period alongside normal commission payments.

Remember, this is a temporary measure but it'll help keep your retail rolling. In the future months, the allocation & spread of commission is likely to change for online shops provided by HQ (as we feed some of the percentage into the upline/pay-plan system), but for now, I need the frontline of the business to earn as much as possible.

Q. How does my customer know they are shopping with me?

A. Every shop link has a contact page in the top right corner. When your customer visits this page, they will see your contact details and VivaMK HQ contact details.

Q. How do I change the contact details that my customer will see? 

A. Login to your account. Select Profile, My Support Page. Here you can control everything the customer will see on this page about you, or if you prefer to have none of your details showing you can turn it off, giving you complete control.

 The support Page will allow you to add:

  • A paragraph / opening phrase about you and your business.
  • A photograph  
  • Your Name
  • Contact details such as address, telephone number, email etc
  • Social Media links too

You can choose what to display by simply toggling between the on and off buttons on this page and then save your changes with the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.