As a representative of VivaMK Network Limited and its brands, it is important both for the sustainability and reputation of our business and for yours that you use the name and association responsibly.

You will be held responsible for your actions in the same manner as if you had printed and distributed the information. It is important that as a representative of the VivaMK Network brand you use the internet in a responsible manner.

All posts, blogs, comments and quotes placed by you on any website or social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, whether in the public domain or in a secret group, must comply with the following:

• be legal and decent

• be honest and truthful, you must be able to substantiate every claim that you make with evidence.

• comply with the terms and conditions of the third-party website, for example the Facebook terms and conditions.

• make it clear that you are an independent Distributor for VivaMK Network and must not state or imply that you are an employee, agent or partner of VivaMK Network.

• not be defamatory.

• not contain any language that is offensive, indecent or obscene.

• not be threatening or malicious.

• not contain any information about the VivaMK Network opportunity which has not been specifically stated in the authorised VivaMK Network literature provided to you by VivaMK Network.

• not mislead any potential Distributor as to what can be achieved through the VivaMK Network opportunity.

• not make any derogatory or misleading remarks or statements about another VivaMK Network Distributor or the VivaMK Network Business and its Brands or any VivaMK Network Product or any employee of VivaMK Network or any other company associated with VivaMK Network.

• not use the trade mark or other intellectual property right of any third party in a derogatory manner or in any manner which suggests any connection or association with the same.