Retail profit is earned from the difference between the ''Catalogue Price'' and the ''Agent Price''. The money you collect from the customer will be the catalogue price and the amount VivaMK Network will charge you is the Agent Price. Therefore you retail Profit is paid when you deliver the item to your customer. 

Volume Profit is the commission you earn for the ''Marketing Plan''. This is paid to you via BACS (please see the End of Period Schedule for further information on timelines) to the bank account you have saved on your account. 

To save your bank account details on your VivaMK account:

1. Log in to your back offcie

2. Select Earnings, Payment Method

3. Enter BACS in Payment Method

4. Enter your Payee Name. bank account number and bank sort code in the relevant fields 

5. If you have a Roll Number or IBAN number, enter this in the Role Number field. 

6. Select Save and Close. 

W will only use these details to make commission payments to you.