There is no gala dinner at the next showcase, but as so many of you were asking for a get together following the buzz and excitement of the Showcase, we've partnered with a local restaurant for a VivaMK Network after-party.

It will take place at Santorini, just across the road from the BCEC. Starting at 7:30pm, we will be served a traditional Greek speciality meze of over 30 dishes (all their food comes directly from the Greek islands) across 4 courses (starters, mains, dessert and coffee) followed by a complimentary ouzo.

Our private party will also include;
Greek music & dancing
The Greek tradition of Smashing Plates
Belly Dancing 
and a DJ & dancefloor.

They can do this all for a cost of £25.00 per person.

There is only room for 100 people so buy your ticket now to secure your place at the FIRST EVER VIVAMK AFTER – PARTY!

To buy a ticket, simply log in to your account and place an order for product code 00030, (or go to the sales aids section and choose after party) this is an independent code, therefore you don't have to wait till you place an order to use it.