We think it is important to have a plan to work with, so you know where you are. EVERY period end will work like this;

Day 1 (of the new Period), The Thursday following the end of the sales period:
We will celebrate and recognise the Top 50 Distributorships who have done the most personal retail.

Day 2 (of the new Period), The Friday following the end of the sale period:
We will recognise and celebrate everyone who has demonstrated positive growth on personal retail in comparison to the previous sales period. Any positive growth, no matter how small, is a fantastic achievement and one that should be celebrated!

Day 7 (of the new Period), The Wednesday following the end of the sales period:
We will email every distributor who has achieved a level of the VivaMK Network Marketing Plan, with your status and your earnings for the period. Payments will be made by BACS 5-7 working days later.
We will recognise everyone's period achievements and Distributor Status