Ordering your personalised items will be a two part process. The first part will be to order the goods and make payment for them as normal through your distributor shops.

The second part of the process will be to email pers@vivamknetwork.com with your order number, product number and each line of personalised text required for that product. This is required for each item ordered but can all be included in the same email. 

For Example

Order No 123456
Item Number & Description 60000 Slate Frame
Line 1 = VivaMK
Line 2 = The People's Business
Line 3 = All PEOPLE matter.

Order No 123456
Item Number & Description 60003 Blue Ombre Bottle
Line 1 = Michael 

If you don’t require any personalisation please email ‘no pers required’ for the item ordered. 

Please ensure you do the personalisation email immediately after placing your order (step 1) to ensure there is no delay with your order.  

If you have any questions regarding VivaMK Personalised items, please email pers@vivamknetwork.com